Why caching is important in WordPress

For large websites with a lot of visitors, caching for WordPress is critical to ensure fast load times and an overall better visitor experience. It’s easy to use and, with caching plugins readily available to handle all the heavy lifting, simple to configure.

Ensuring a smooth user experience

WordPress caching is critical to ensuring the smooth performance of your site and give users an excellent site experience. Since WordPress generates HTML pages dynamically, caching makes sure that frequently accessed site pages – such as the Home page – are stored in fast RAM so they load much more quickly. Caching frees up the WordPress engine and as a result, improves page load speeds for all pages on the site – even ones that aren’t cached.

Reducing load on your server

If you have a smaller hosting plan, caching is a boon. Caching reduces I/O operations and saves server memory, so you can opt for a leaner hosting package while still getting the performance of a larger server that isn’t running a WordPress cache.

Getting better google page rank

Just like you, Google loves a fast performing site. In fact, one of the main ranking factors in Google’s search engine results pages is the speed and responsiveness of your site. In essence, Google takes pains to “look” at your website the way a human user would. It rewards sites that respond more quickly and load faster by giving them a bump in page rank.

See Understanding the basics of caching in WordPress for more information.

HostPapa recommends the W3 Total Cache plugin for your WordPress caching needs. See the What is W3 Total Cache for WordPress knowledge base article for more details.

For further assistance, please open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard. Follow this link to learn how.

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