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22 Sep

15 Best Graphic Design Tools for Creating Social Media Graphics

Social media marketing has become the most influential platform for modern business marketing. This highly popular channel has a broad range of applications, and while anyone can use it to market their products and services, real success requires both creativity and strategy.  One way to achieve great results is by using well-designed graphics to reach and attract large numbers of target customers. The majority of people are visual learners, and they will remember a brand more easily if they see rather than hear or read about it. That’s why having attractive...

20 Sep

Overcoming Blogger’s Block and Improving Your Writing

Tennis elbow. DJ’s wrist. Blogger’s block. All unfortunate conditions are associated with a given activity. All are common. But they’re not terminal. Just like the others, a blogger’s block can be very inconvenient and can interfere with one’s livelihood. But there are techniques you can employ to deal with the condition and have you putting out the good stuff once more. What is Blogger’s Block?Don’t OverthinkGet a Sensory Fix Tackle Trending Topics Deadlines DeliverUpdate Previous Posts Call Somebody What is Blogger’s Block? It’s a well-known phrase, but not that many will know what it means to...

19 Sep

How to Advertise Yourself as a Personal Trainer

A common assumption of many personal trainers is that their superior fitness certifications and credentials alone will land them clients. This can not be further from reality. And the fact is that your personal trainer brand is just like any other business. What do all businesses need to kick start their revenue flow? That's right, they need sales brought in through the right marketing strategies.  Motivational videos and intense-looking rigorous workout routines alone won’t bring you your first few clients. To get the wheel rolling, you’ll have to constantly and intelligently...

15 Sep

7 Proactive Factors That Affect Online Startups’ Longevity

Starting an online business is easy, cheap, and fast. However, many entrepreneurs believe that beautiful designs, advanced functionality such as WooCommerce stock manager, and competent prices are enough to succeed in e-commerce. But the results are the opposite because 90% of customers do not buy from a site in their first meeting. Studies also say that nearly 80% of new online stores close within 120 days due to failure. Before starting an online business, there are many things to consider to avoid the first failure. Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of trying...

14 Sep

16 Types of Coupons Your eCommerce Store Should Offer

If you’re experiencing an all-time low in your sales and a dip in your customer flow, it’s time to incorporate intelligent strategies on your eCommerce store to bring back those conversions. Discount coupons and promo deals are powerful marketing tools that drive traffic to your website like bees to honey.  However, many eCommerce coupons and deal ideas are floating in the market. Even though you’d be desperate to use most of these for your online store, you have to make your coupon selection wisely, without not overdoing it.  We’ve picked the best types...

12 Sep

How to Start Your Own Online T-Shirt Business

A good ol’ t-shirt is that piece of clothing almost everyone has in their closets. It's our go-to, all-weather companion that we can rely on those mornings when we can't figure out what to wear. Versatile to the maximum, t-shirts can be styled with jeans, trousers, shorts, and skirts. The longer ones can go solo and be a complete outfit worn on their own.  Unlike other clothing articles, t-shirts reflect our personalities and help us make a statement. On our t-shirts, we can wear our interests, unique identities, causes we support,...