Website migration vs domain name transfer

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Transferring your website from another company to HostPapa can be an easy task if you have a clear understanding on the difference between transferring the domain registration and website content thus let’s see why these needs to be done separately.

Think about domain registration as a phone number. Transferring the domain name between companies is similar to switching your phone number to a different telecommunications company.

On the other side, transferring the website content is different and using the above analogy it’s similar to copying the content of the phone (contacts, apps, SMS, etc.) to a new one.

A domain name is a unique name that can be used to identify a website or email account. Examples of domain names are and  Domain names are registered with domain registrars, so only one person or organization has rights to a given domain.

However, registering a domain name does not equate to creating a website, it just gives you the rights to use that domain.

A website is the content, like web pages and videos that can be found when you browse to a URL like To get content to a URL, there needs to be a web server somewhere delivering web pages, provided by a web hosting company (HostPapa).

A domain name transfer service means that you’re transferring your domain name (URL) from a different registrar (domain name provider) to our side.

Note: Depending on the domain extension (.com, .ca, .info, etc.) moving a domain name between registrars can take up to 7 days. The website content can be transferred without the need to transfer the domain name as well.

Things are different when we are talking about a website migration service. Basically, you’ll use this service in order to bring the content from a different / previous web hosting provider to our environment.

Transferring the website content is usually faster and our team will do it for you. We just need the login credentials of the old host or a complete backup of the website. To request the service just contact our team using the prefered method:

When transferring the website content – nothing will be removed from the old server, as the content is simply copied, not moved. In this way, the transfer will go offline thus your website will be online on the former host until the transfer to the new host it’s completed.

The two transfer types are usually done individually and it will not complete in the same time thus it is recommended to request the website content migration first and then complete the domain transfer.

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